Why Anti Pigeons?

 Bird control, pigeon netting and  bird proofing
Bird Control

Pigeons are the most common type of pest bird, and they cause a variety of problems in all types of buildings, in urban areas, from airports to manufacturing facilities, power plants, rooftops of shops, offices and homes.

To help you solve this problem radically and immediately without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals, taking into account the laws and instructions of the state, we offer you the following services:

- Keeping the Bird control away with the latest innovative methods from surfaces, companies and high places in order to preserve the cleanliness and aesthetic appearance of the buildings.

- Removing bird droppings and their nests from roofs, windows and high places, and enjoying a clean and ideal environment.

- Using many ways to get rid of pigeons while maintaining their safety and without harming them.

We are committed to providing the best services and the latest methods and to gaining the confidence and satisfaction of our customers, and we provide them with a guarantee of service and maintenance.

 Bird control, pigeon netting and  bird proofing

Diseases and Pigeons:

Pigeons transmit a range of parasites and diseases through droppings, and dust that enters buildings through air ducts. And it may transmit viruses that infect the respiratory system in humans.

 Bird control, pigeon netting and  bird proofing

Damage to Buildings and Bird control

Pigeon droppings contain uric acid, a substance that corrodes surfaces. It also leaves permanent stains on roofs and facades. A Bird control won't spare your car or the new awning you just installed, it will ruin everything around you

 Bird control, pigeon netting and  bird proofing

Waste and Bird control

Pigeons are feather-producing and scatter nesting material all over their building, clogging roof vents and drainpipes

 Bird control, pigeon netting and  bird proofing

Dangerous insects and pigeons

Besides diseases, pigeons transmit a variety of insect species such as ticks, bed bugs, lice, and bird mites, and even if the birds leave the nest, the insects may still linger. It also leads to the spread of desert flies that feed on bird droppings and then transmit infection, diseases and epidemics to humans.

About Us

Bird Control

The Al Waha Company offers you solutions that enable you to keep birds away without harming them, and to ensure that they are not exposed to your property with the utmost safety and security, and it always strives to provide the best that it has and its motto is (honesty and safety).

The Al Waha Company for Pigeon Control and Removal was established since 1998 AD, and it is a specialized and accredited company in getting rid of pigeons at competitive prices in the United Arab Emirates, and it seeks to be one of the leading companies in the field of combating and removing birds without harming them in the Middle East.

We are proud to offer many effective and environmentally friendly services, to help our customers and keep facilities, surfaces and homes clean from bird droppings. We use the best types of devices that are not harmful to the environment and health, which help to remove the Bird control and get rid of it quickly without leaving any collateral damage.

What distinguishes the Al Waha Company to combat and remove pigeons?

What distinguishes us is the accuracy of our selection of the best means or means to solve the problem fundamentally for each case separately. As the type of method used to remove the pigeons requires high expertise and accuracy, and the design of the damaged place and the places where birds are placed and nesting plays a role in this, so each of our clients is a special case that requires a study by our experts before implementation, in addition to that we carry out cleaning and sterilization work for the place before installing any product .

We have highly trained and experienced technicians in the fight against pigeons

Have great confidence from previous clients

We follow up with the owner of the house or workplace after fighting the pigeons to ensure that it does not return again.


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